Teamwork going on; lot's of Roti to make!!
Roti nearly ready!
Making samosas!
Preparation going on for Puri - Sunday group.
Onion Bhaji's in progress!
Making Roti.
Rolling out the Puri.
Making the dough for naan.
One rolling the dough; one stuffing it and the other frying the samosa!
Peas Pulao nearly ready!
Let's mix the spices and chicken really well!!!!!!!
Samosas - ready to fry and eat!
Frying Onion Bhajis!
Making Gobi Masala!
Chopping paneer for paneer masala!
Making Aloo Chat!
Making Raita.
WAC, Uster - 7.07.06
Making Mango Shake.
Making Paneer Masala.
Marinating chicken for chicken curry.
3.07.06 - Marinating Tandoori Chicken.
Making Naan dough!
Cooking Chicken Jalfrezi!
WAC, Uster - 7.07.06
3.07.06 - Making Chicken Sheek Kebabs.
Practice time! Let's try out what we've just learnt! It doesn't look too hard! We can do even better.....
Making samosas - team work in progress!
Frying samosas!
Preparing naan dough.
Tasting Indian spices!
American Women's Club Zürich Workshop - March 2007.
American Women's Club Zürich Workshop - March 2007.
AWCZ - Making Coconut Rice.
Making Baigan Bharta.
Making Puri.
Making Palak Paneer!
Perfect team work - one reads the recipe while the other cooks!
Making Mango Lassi.
Making Naan dough.
Finished Naan dough!
Preparing Naan!
Making Naan!
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