Making Paneer - Indian Cottage Cheese:

    This is a white, smooth textured cottage cheese. It is an excellent meat/poultry substitute and is eaten on a regular
    basis by vegetarians.

    Paneer: 250 gm
    Preparation time: 15 minutes

    Milk, full fat – 1 litre
    Lime juice or White vinegar – 5 teaspoons
    Muslin Cloth – for draining water.

  • Boil milk in a large pan. When it starts boiling, remove from heat.

  • Add lime juice or white vinegar to the milk at this stage.

  • As you add the lime juice, you will notice the paneer separating from the milk gradually, leaving milky water behind.

  • Drain the whole liquid and paneer in a muslin cloth. Hang it for a few hours or overnight; this will drain off all the
    liquid, leaving the paneer behind.

  • If you want paneer in a block, flatten it out in a rectangle shape after all the water has drained out. Keep the paneer
    inside the muslin cloth while doing this.

  • Place the paneer on a chopping board and place a heavy weight on top (e.g. pot full of water, heavy pan/metal object
    etc) Leave for 3-4 hours or overnight - if possible.

  • When you remove the weight, you will be left with a block of paneer. Cut into small cubes and use straightaway.

    If you cannot use all the paneer straightaway, refrigerate it for later use!