Jhalmuri is a very popular, mouthwatering dish loved by people of all ages in India. It is a light dish made of spicy puffed rice and is very
    easy to make. It is mostly sold at roadside stalls rather than in restaurants!

    Serves 6:
    Preparation Time: 20 minutes

  • Kellogs Rice crispies - 50 gm
  • Puffed rice - 50 gm
  • Haldiram Bombay mix - 50 gm
  • Tomato, finely chopped - 1 large
  • Potato boiled, finely chopped - 2 large
  • Cucumber -1small piece or around 50 gm.
  • Onion, finely chopped -1 medium
  • Ginger, finely chopped - 1 small piece
  • Green chillie, finely chopped - 1
  • Green coriander, freshly chopped - 1 small bunch.
  • Lime juice - 1 lemon
  • Salt - 2 teaspoons or to taste.

  • Boil potatoes. Peel the skin and chop them into smaller pieces. Remove seeds from the tomato and chop them into smaller pieces

  • Chop rest of the vegetables into smaller pieces, i.e. cucumber, onions, ginger, green chilli and coriander.

  • Take a big bowl. Add puffed rice, rice crisps and mix Haldiram Bombay mixture to it.

  • Then add boiled potatoes, tomatoes, onion, cucumber, ginger, green chillie and coriander to it.

  • Mix them all together. Add salt and lime juice  according to taste and preference.

  • Serve with a hot cup of  tea, coffee or chilled mango shake.

    To make a more child friendly version of the same dish, simply leave out the chilli, ginger and add only those vegetables that your
    child likes. You can also choose a Bombay Mix that is less spicy or simply use salted peanuts instead.

    Serve Jhalmuri immediately after mixing it with lime juice to enjoy the crisp and crunchy taste. It will turn soggy if left around for
    too long! Haldiram Bombay Mix can be very hot, medium or mild in hotness. Choose one that suits your taste buds!