Making Ghee.

    The flavours of Indian food are appreciated all over the world. One of the main cooking medium, ghee, adds to the
    taste and flavour of many dishes. Ghee is clarified butter and contains huge quantities of saturated fat. Liberal use of
    ghee is often at odds with our modern view of healthy eating. Contemporary cooking is mostly done in vegetable oil
    with a spoon of ghee spread on top at the end to give it the flavour minus the fat level.

    Ghee – 750 gm:
    Preparation time: 30 minutes

    Butter – 1 kg

  • Put the knobs of butter in a large pan and put over medium heat. Allow it to melt.

  • Allow it to cook/clarify on medium heat for 10-15 minutes with occasional stirring to avoid sticking to the pan.

  • The butter will reach a stage where you will notice froth on top. It is still not ready at this stage.

  • When it reaches a stage where there is clear fluid and a sediment settling at the bottom, it is ready.

  • Allow it to cool for 30 minutes. Use a sieve to drain the clear liquid into a glass jar. The sediment can be thrown away.

    If you do not have ghee in stock, put a knob of butter in a few spoons of oil to cook a dish. It gives a similar sort of
    flavour and taste, though not exactly the same.

    Try cooking the same dish using two different cooking mediums, i.e., vegetable oil and ghee. Taste the difference in