Enjoyed and have fun learning about the spices and different techniques to produce some delicious food. Helen Hammer (Volunteer
Centre Caterham, Surrey)

Thoroughly enjoyed the class - would definitely recommend! Julia Davies (Volunteer Centre Oxted, Surrey)

What an enjoyable way to spend a few hours, learn a lot, eat a lot and mix with some lovely, friendly people. And money for an
excellent charity too!  
Bev Carter (Purley, Surrey)

Great fun - a good way to learn a lot about a daunting subject. Dave Mullarkey (Purley, Surrey)

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It has spurred me on to try more dishes at home. Joyce Milne (Coulsdon, Surrey)

Excellent instruction with lots of friendly advice about various spices used in cooking and where to purchase the same. Jean Cody

Fantastic course, really fun and helpful. Jasmin McCarthy (Caterham, Surrey)

I really enjoyed the course - it was really relaxed yet professionally run and incredibly good value for money. I've already
recommended - thank you Nina!
Kelly Cuttle (South Croydon, Surrey)

A very enjoyable and well run course. Will definitely book another one. Thank you. Jo Jupp (South Croydon, Surrey)

I had a great time at the session. I enjoyed the cookery and meeting Nina and the other members of the group - a thoroughly
enjoyable day. Thank you!
Julia Davies (Oxted, Surrey)

I thought it was a great idea working in "two's". One Cooking and one reading. Margaret Hall (Sanderstead, Surrey)

A fantastic, informative and fun way to spend a day. Loved the course structure and eating it all afterwards. Spotlessly clean and
organised kitchen.
Kim Beadle (Oxted, Surrey)

Recommend you charge more as you eat the meal for lunch. (Anonymous)

It was interesting to discover the different ingredients used in Indian cookery. I did not realise there were so many types of lentils and
Mrs Margaret Brown (Coulsdon, Surrey)

I would like to do my own preparation, but lack of time precluded this. If a series of lessons is being given, the recipes can be handed
out the previous lesson and the preparation done at home and brought along. This will enable a marinade to be done where desirable.
Reg Berger (Coulsdon, Surrey)

I really enjoyed the course and Nina was really friendly. A great birthday activity for my mum. Lauren Evans

An extremely enjoyable day - it worked very well as a gift. Good for beginners + more experienced cooks. Anonymous

We had a lovely day. It was great to be able to do all activities together. Thanks. Jenny Evans

Thanks for coming! It was good to have an expert to confirm our cooking skills and nudge us when required so that we are aware for
next time we cook the recipes, we get the results as they should be.
Ann Heward (Godalming)

A very entertaining and practically useful morning. John Heward (Godalming)

Many thanks for a very enjoyable morning! Having everything ready prepared made it easy to focus on the cooking and doing it was
the best way to  learn. I can't wait to try out the dishes on friends. The kids loved the food too!
Gail Renaud (Godalming)

We really enjoyed the session - it was exactly what we needed. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow and everything
turned out great so we have plenty of confidence to try these recipes and others on the website in the future. Many thanks for a very
successful Christmas present!
Anita Heward (Godalming)

Very enjoyable day; have made two successful dishes since! Thank you. Antonia de Greir (Zürich)

A great couple of lessons. Not only did I learn lots but also felt spoilt, with everything already thought of, table laid, dishes washed,
food chopped. Thank you!
Harriet (Zürich)

It was fantastic to have you in our house. The way you approached us in teaching the dishes, it was relaxing, exciting and
entertaining all at the same time. Leave alone the fact that everything was fully prepared. If you would stay longer in Switzerland, we
would book you again.
Erich Koller (Rothrist)

Thank you very much for your kind and professional way of teaching. I think I will cook a lot of Indian in the future. Beatrice Hunn

Very well done. Thank you so much for allowing us into your home. Bill Lang (Zürich)

Just loved your classes! Pity you are moving away! Yvonne Lang (Zürich)

Keep up with the teaching when you're back in UK! (Anonymous)

Nina is such a gracious instructor. I am a cooking-phobe, and she was both inspiring and motivating to me. I am ready to practice,
and hope to have fun making many delicious and nutritious dishes! My highest gratitude and recommendations!
Shari Kurita (Zürich)

An excellent way to get to know your colleagues in a fun environment! Rosemary Ashley-Cantello

Thank you very much. We had a wonderful morning - learnt a lot and ate far too much! Bridget Walz (Drove all the way from
Austria to Switzerland with two of her friends to attend Indian Cookery Lessons!!)

"Nina, thank you so much for the interesting cooking lesson. I loved the great food and you are a terrific teacher!" Annelies Cobben

It was a great experience!! Thanks so much! We had an excellent time and enjoyed your class. You are a great teacher. Dieter
Mosimann (Zürich)

I very much enjoyed the classes especially learning in a very informal way. Maria-Isabel Delgado. (Zürich)

Thank you Nina! Fantastic course! I appreciate the possibility to cook in students kitchen. We all enjoyed it very much and had a
great time. The food was excellent as well, enough for ten :-) We were impressed how well everything was organized and will most
likely come back for another course sometime later this year. In the meantime we'll try a couple of recipes on our own; todays
experience was really helpful.
Markus Stäger (Zürich)

Very instructive and pleasant class/teaching. Werner (Zürich)

Great course! Thank you! Roman (Zürich)

Just that I think you are an excellent teacher/enterpreneur. Dorothy Forbes

I enjoyed the lesson, the food, the company - basically everything! Marie-Louise Vonk (Attended class held at  American Women's
Club in Zürich)

The preparation of the food was very organized! The class was really enjoyable!
Pat McGuire (Attended class held at  American
Women's Club in Zürich)

Too bad I missed your last AWCZ workshop!
Claudine Rüfnacht (Attended class held at  American Women's Club in Zürich)

The food was just delicious. In addition, Nina was super-organized. Not only had she a named file with the recipes for each
participant, even name tags and aprons ... Incredible! Nina was also very organized in giving the class, so that everybody had an
'assignment' - she perfectly and quietly supervised everything.
(Anonymous) (Attended class held at  American Women's Club in

Indian cookery was really fun. I would probably take it again and definitely recommend it. The highlight is the instructor. She does
not only explain how to prepare a wonderfully tasty Indian meal but she shares with you the spirit of an Indian woman in her kitchen.
Very generous and interesting. (Anonymous) (Attended class held at  
American Women's Club in Zürich)

We enjoyed it very much. Thank you for your excellent preparation!
Trudi (Zürich)

Great! (Anonymous)

Put some Indian music for an even more exotic experience. Daniel Erne (Zürich)

Wonderful and friendly! Candace Reinhard (Zürich)

Thank you again - also for the nice birthday wishes! Denise Casanova (Basel)

We had a wonderful time and ate an excellent meal. Simone Littlejohn (Basel)

I never imagined I could so easily cook such sophisticated authentic dishes. Can't wait to go home and amaze my friends and family!
Karen Smith
(Attended class held at  American Women's Club in Zürich)

A very well presented course, terrific morning with a great group. Would come again for sure.
Cheryl Triantafilidis (Attended class
held at  
American Women's Club in Zürich)

Keep offering these lessons. I found your technique to be really practical and usable.
Jennifer Tiu (Basel)

Super - I'll recommend this to friends. Jennifer Brenner (Basel)

It was really fun and informative and your recipes were fantastic. It was a very warm, relaxed atmosphere. Thank you very much!
Pamela Gehrig (Basel)

It was very warm, relaxed atmosphere. Nina, you are especially charming! Thank you very much! (Anonymous)

Great time, great food, great company! Alison Wade Huber (Kilchberg)

Lots of fun! Anne Beselin

Nina is very warm. Learning to cook with her 'hands-on' attitude is not only fun but very educational too! Maybe for more 'beginner'
cooks, a more exact recipe could be useful but Nina's flexible approach was perfect for me. Thank you for a lovely morning.
Siddiqui de Heney
(Came all the way from Geneva to Zürich to attend Indian Cookery Lessons!!)

I loved the class, not only because I learned tips and tricks on making great Indian food from two experienced teachers, but also
because of the camaraderie between the students and the comfortable atmosphere which made it easy to ask questions and share
cooking stories. Learning to cook well isn’t only about following a recipe; it’s learning how to see when something is right and also
how to see when it’s wrong. These are the kind of lessons that can only be gained with personal experience and by talking to other
adventurous cooks.
Terri Edmonston (Zürich)

Fantastic. It was great fun. I love Indian food but was really missing it in Zurich as the restaurants are so expensive (and sometimes
a bit bland for my taste). So when I heard about the Indian Cooking courses I thought that sounds fantastic but I will never be able
to make things that taste like in a restaurant. I have made both of the meals I learnt at the lessons and without sounding too
conceited, I think they tasted as good as your average Zurich restaurant. It was an advantage to see how to make the meals in a home
kitchen and be explained where you can buy the ingredients. The best was I had a lot of fun and met some lovely people – including
the teachers who are just superb.
Jane Piper (Expats-in-Zürich)

More weekend classes please! : - ) (Anonymous)

I really enjoyed the friendly and fun atmosphere. Keep up the great work. Macy Savic

Loved it! Would recommend it to everyone. Thank you very much for the exciting and very interesting cooking course. I have learned
a lot about how to use different spices. I am sure I will try some of the dishes at home. Besides the cooking, I had a lot of fun.
Azzoni (Zürich)

The course is excellent! Well done! Muna (Came from Norway to Zürich!! Was visiting family in Küshnacht.)

Thanks for a great day and food! (Anonymous)

I've enjoyed your classes. They have been very informative but perhaps most importantly great fun. It's been a pleasure getting to
know you. You have all made the atmosphere during the classes very relaxed and enjoyable. I'll look out for your new schedule for
November and hopefully see you again then. You should charge more!
Deborah Marzohl (Adliswil)

Nina, Kirti and Shilpa, thank you so much for the instruction you gave during my 4 Indian cooking classes. I thoroughly enjoyed
them.  Not only did I enjoy your company and share a laugh or two, but I met some other lovely people and most of all...... now I
have the confidence to cook Indian at home. I have participated in other cooking lessons but never gone on to make the food myself
at home. We all love Indian food and the recipes you shared are easy, but better still....they work for me! I am not sure which is my
favourite but I love the Lamb Curry, Spicy Salmon, Coconut rice, Naan, Pakora, Aloo Gobi, Paneer, Samosa, Onion Bhaji and
Tandoori Chicken. I wasn't keen on any of the deserts, but thanks for trying to provide instruction on a complete dinner.

The classes are done very well and the idea of a small group is a great idea. You really get a hands on experience. All the teachers
are very knowledgeable and the classes are taught in a very laid back atmosphere where you can learn and enjoy yourself at the same
time. I cooked some of the dishes I learnt in class. My husband said it was one of the best meals he has ever had. I would highly
recommend taking the courses.
Mindy Barbieri (Expats-in-Zürich)

I enjoyed the cooking classes a lot. I would like to say that it is so nice working with you guys as you are both relaxed, warm and
friendly. It feels like being in the kitchen with other female relatives getting food ready for a holiday or something. I love that
camaraderie and especially miss it here without so many friends and family around. I loved it!
Dana Bookey (Expat-Moms-In-

I had so much fun at the cookery class that I recommend it to everyone I can. The ladies are all highly knowledgeable but at the same
time willing to answer all kinds of silly questions that we posed. What is fabulous about this cooking class is that you will actually go
home and use the recipes. I have been to many cooking classes where I walked away thinking it was a great class but never actually
made a dish at home. The ladies make everything so accessible that you are not scared to try it at home. I would heartily recommend
these classes to anyone interested. We had a great time and know that others will too!
Alexia Nestora & Patrick Honegger (Expats-in-

I was initially going to attend only one class but after taking part in this class I immediately signed up for another. The courses are a
fantastic way to learn how to cook Indian meals authentically and to make them seems easy. I have since cooked some of the dishes
at home which were really tasty and am planning to cook the dishes at a dinner party in September. The classes are informative and
hands-on and are taught by real professionals - I can only recommend you sign up.
H. Law (Zürich)

I am really glad to have taken part in 7 courses and am definitely interested in learning more delicious Indian food in such a friendly
and relaxed atmosphere. The courses are very well planned and organised. You learn each dish by preparing it or seeing it being
prepared by the other students or by the teacher. This gave me courage to invite my friends (8 people) over and offer a complete
Indian dinner. It was a bit of stress to prepare such a new dish for so many people but the outcome was great. Everybody loved it and
I look forward to practice more!
Andrea A Hodara Rohmer (Expat-Moms-In-Switzerland)

I must say I have really enjoyed learning with you all and would love to take the 31st August course as well. What I really found
enjoyable was the friendly way you all work together and explain things 'normally' so that it's easy for people to understand and
translate the cookery to our own kitchens and tastes. Also the way each course is set out as a whole menu so that we can prepare them
for family and guests without bothering to wonder what goes with what. It has shown me that it's not so scary to give courses. Even
on our first afternoon your worries were shared with us and it gave our group the open friendly feeling we all enjoyed.
Congratulations to you all!
Shirley Ledermann (Expats-in-Zürich)

Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn how to cook authentic yet homely Indian food. It is very apparent that you have put a
lot of thought and time into organising your courses in order to make them fun, easy and informative. I thoroughly enjoyed them.
From the 8 courses I attended, I have successfully reproduced the dishes at home, which is a credit to you all. I highly recommend
your courses and look forward to attending more soon.
K D Christrup (Expats-in-Zürich)

Your classes are wonderful. You have shown us how to prepare an entire meal and how easy it is. Special thanks also for showing us
how to substitute dairy products. You have introduced me to new dairy free products, which I did not expect from this class! The food
was especially delicious and your teachers are lovely. I look forward to taking more courses and I hope you will have a class on
sweets even if it is more work. Perhaps that course could meet on two consecutive afternoons.
Alexandra Coates (Families-in-Zürich)

I absolutely loved my Indian cookery classes. I attended 3 classes and learnt a variety of dishes. I'm usually quite apprehensive about
attempting to make rather new and complicated dishes but was surprised to learn how easy it is to actually make a curry from scratch!
The lessons were easy to follow and I was able to get stuck in and actually make the dishes. I have never had professional cooking
lessons before, so I was put at ease at how friendly and patient the teachers were. They explained all the procedures very clearly
whilst answering any questions we had regarding the dishes, spices or cooking procedure. Since attending the classes, I have made
samosa, chicken curry, gobi masala, peas pulao rice. My dear husband absolutely loved it and is begging for me to make more
dishes! I'm feeling a lot more confident now with making new and exciting dishes! I will definitely sign up for more classes. Thank
Kristina M. S. (Zürich)

Keep up the good work. This is a great idea and I really enjoyed myself. I will definitely be telling all my friends about it. Alison